FaCT (Families and Communities Together)

The La Habra Family Resource Center is funded by FaCT (Families and Communities Together) which is a partnership between the County of Orange Social Services Agency and FaCT Coalition, an alliance between Charitable Ventures of Orange County, The Olin Group, and the Orange County Alliance for Children and Families. FaCT is a network of 15 family resource centers in Orange County that all work together to strengthen and support the lives of children and families.

Goals of the FaCT program are to:

  • Maintain the safety of children in their homes
  • Help families through crises that might lead to the removal of children from their homes or speed return of children to their homes
  • Alleviate stress and promote parental competencies

In this program, IHA is partnered with four other organizations that provide services to FRC families: Public Law Center (legal service), the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra (anti-drug, anti-gang programs and childcare), Western Youth Services (Individual/Family/Group Counseling and Parenting Classes) and Women’s Transitional Living Center (Domestic Violence Services) to offer the following services:

  • Family Support Services
  • Information and Referrals
  • Relative Caregiver Services
  • Domestic Violence Services
  • Legal Advice, Education, and Assistance
  • Counseling – Individual, Family, and Group
  • Parent Education Classes – Spanish and English
  • S.M.A.R.T Moves Program
  • Community Engagement Advisory Council
  • Differential Response Program – a program for Social Services Agency families who are referred by their social worker.
  • Family Stabilization Family Support Services – a program for CalWORKs participants who are referred by their specialized case manager.
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Differential Response (DR) Program

The Differential Response program is also funded by FaCT as a partnership between Orange County Social Services Agency and Orangewood Children’s Foundation. This program is for social services agency families who are directly referred to a DR family resource center by their social worker.

This program provides all services provided within the family resource center but also includes:

DR Family Support Services- The Family Support Specialist will receive the social services agency referral and work directly with the social worker and the family to provide support services, resources, linkages and follow-up.

DR In Home Family Support Services – An In-Home Family Specialist will provide in-home services surrounding issues such as: parenting, communication, domestic violence, time management/organization and more.

Call us at (714) 447-3460 dial 0

Family Stabilization Program

The Family Stabilization Program responds to referrals from the County of Orange CalWORKs Family Stabilization program for family support services. In this program, the Family Stabilization Family Support Specialist will assess the client’s needs; provide one-on-one support; assist families in crisis to access resources to meet needs; coordinate information for clients’ referrals; ensure clients are able to access services; follow up with clients; perform home, school or other community site visits.

Healthy Relationships Program

The La Habra FRC will be hosting the Orange County Healthy Marriages and Family Program in collaboration with the Community Action of Partnership of Orange County. This program aims to enhance communities by empowering individuals and strengthening families.

The Healthy Relationships program will be provided for adult couples and youth. The program for adult couples will address topics such as safe communication skills, effective problem solving, commitment, and loving style. The youth program will address topics such as self-esteem, recognizing signs of abuse, healthy relationships, safety planning and many more.

This program also has a Financial Empowerment Educations workshop for adults and youth. In this workshop you will get an opportunity to learn about banking, interview skills, job search experience, how to develop a spending plan and more.


Community Engagement Action Council (CEAC)

Community Engagement Advisory Council – Resident Leadership Group

The Community Engagement Advisory Council named the La Habra Action Council (LAC). LAC is group of community residents learning leadership skills under policy and advocacy that address issues surrounding the community. This group is currently working on several projects and is learning how to advocate for healthy communities and tackle issues that may prevent proper nutrition and physical activity in their community.

Children’s Support Parenting Program (CSPP)

The La Habra FRC in partnership with the OC Healthcare Agency is providing an 11 week parenting education series. This program will provide parents the support they need to build strong relationships and give family members valuable tools to become a healthy family. It focuses on issues common to many families in crisis such as safety, communication, problem solving, and effective parenting. This is a great program that serves parents and caregivers with children ages 5-17, and invites all members of the family to attend.

Stop The Cycle Program (STC)

The Stop The Cycle program is a collaboration between our center and the OC Healthcare Agency. Stop The Cycle Program is a Prevention and Intervention program designed to help families involved in the juvenile justice system or engaging in at risk behaviors. The program’s goals are to improve parenting skills, enhance protective factors for the children, and build ongoing systems of support for the whole family.

The program is a collaborative experience amongst the whole family and is divided into four groups. It is composed of a parenting group, a teen group for ages 12-17, a children’s group for ages 7-11 and a younger children’s group for family members younger than 6.